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Monday, January 26, 2015

Hey loved ones!

Hey loved ones!
This week was good! We worked with Raymond a lot to prepare him for his baptism this Saturday. 
Me and Elder Stum are just living it up in Holton. But what's super fun is we get to serve in Topeka from saturday night til Tuesday afternoon. So during that time we stay at this other set of elders apartment in Topeka which is super fun! Slumber Party! haha
But ya, the only down side is that we have to pack a bag every single week! 
And as many of you may or may not be aware of my birthday is coming up on the 13th which is gunna be legit because one of the other elder that we stay with on the weekends, Elder Hunt's birthday is the 14th. So the four of us are just going to live it up (as much as a missionary can "live it up") that weekend! haha
But we found some new investigators this week, which was awesome! We also went on exchanges this week. I was with Elder Hunt whose a new missionary being trained by Elder Ives. It was cool to be with a new missionary! But ya, we saw a lot of miracles during our exchange, which was super cool! Elder Hunt and Elder Ives are in charge of the YSA so also during our exchange we went to do a service project for the YSA. But it was at this Food Bank called Harvesters. We were in this assembly line putting food in these bags. And it was not my favorite experience. I learned I should never work in a factory, because assembly lines stress me out big time! I was all behind and stuff and it was pretty embarassing on my part. But ya, that's all I got. hAVE A GREAT WEEK! :)

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