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Monday, January 5, 2015


heyyy!So, this week is transfers and just an hour ago we found out what was happening. I will be staying here in Topeka but Elder Pututau is leaving to go to Wichita. So that's definitely a bummer. Work wise this week I don't remember too much about what even happened, but we did have some really good lessons and put some more people on date to be baptized. Topeka is about to just explode!  But last Monday we went on a tour the Capital building, so that was really cool! My father wanted me to share this week a spiritual experience on my mission and what has been the most difficult thing about being on my own. And I've had lots of spiritual experiences but a couple of times this has happened to me where we go over to a less active members home and they are telling us their story and they've gone through quite a bit of trials. And then at the end asking if they want a blessing and feeling the spirit so strong during that. And I've seen that rekindle their fire or passion for the gospel. I've definitely learned to love to exercise my priesthood. I've also realized how I took it for granted, it is such a blessing to be able to act in God's name to help others. And something that is difficult for me is probably the planning and organization part of missionary work. I'm sure some of you are like "no surprise there". hahaBut yeah, I hope every one had a fabulous New Years! 
Love, Elder McGee 

Dakoda's Baptism
Capital building in Topeka

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