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Kansas Wichita Mission
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Wichita, Kansas 67206-1219

Tuesday, December 29, 2015


Hey amigos, I hope everyone had the best Christmas of their entire lives.Definitely the highlight of this week was when Bobby Wilson gotbaptized on Christmas Eve.It was a very spiritual baptismal service with a good turnout from theward. I feel so blessed to have been able to teach Bobby. She had agreat fellowship from the beginning, who is a less-active member whohas become more active through this process. In fact, he gave a talkat her baptism.Skyping the family on Christmas was definitely a treat. And thepackages that were sent were greatly appreciated. Time is reallyflying, I can't believe I only have one more Skype session on themission. Whenever I think about it I get a strong sense of urgency tomake time count.This week were going to go super hard at finding even more people whoare ready to receive the gospel. This is such a fulfilling work, beingon the Lord's Errand. Selflessness truly is Happiness.I hope everyone has another great week and a Happy New Year! :)-Elder McGee

Thursday, December 24, 2015


Hola, Loved Ones!Elder Campbell and I had a miraculous week! We are continually beingput in the path of those prepared and ready to receive the restoredgospel. Here in Great Bend the field truly is white, all ready toharvest. This week we found and taught this really neat couple, Daltonand Ashley, who I feel are going to be baptized!Speaking of that, this Last Saturday Aubryanna was baptized! It was avery spiritual baptismal service. Elder Campbell was very nervous tobaptize, but it all worked out. And then, this Thursday (ChristmasEve) our investigator, Bobby, is going to be baptized. So a ton ofamazing things are happening! :)It really blows typing with one hand, so I'm going to cut this short.I hope you all have a great Christmas. I love you all and I can't waitto Skype my family this week!Love, Elder McGee

Sunday, December 20, 2015


Hey Loved Ones! Super good, yet crazy week...So, if you don't know already, I fell down a flight of stairs thisweek. In the process, I hit my elbow pretty hard and turns out I havea fractured elbow. Humiliating, I know. If you are wondering how analmost 20 year old manages to fall down stairs, I don't know. But ithappened. HahaBut I did realize just how much I love my mission this week. Thisexperience and opportunity means the world to me.Enough about that though. So, our two most solid people we're workingwith came to church yesterday!! Aubryanna and Bobby. Both of them aresuper solid! In Fact, yesterday was Aubryanna's second time at churchand we're planning on having her baptismal service THIS SATURDAY.Super stoked for that. Then Bobby was a member Refferal and she isawesome. She is on date for baptism on Christmas Eve actually.So yeah, we got some really good things happening in ourcompanionship. My newly given responsibility definitely isn't easywith my elbow, but it's time to use the enabling power of theAtonement more than I ever have before. I love you all so much andhope you have a great week.-Elder McGee

I congratulate you on your new calling as a District Leader.  This calling has been extended to you because you have distinguished yourself as a trustworthy, obedient and capable missionary.

You have the responsibility to be an example and teacher for the missionaries in your District.  Be an emissary of the Savior in word and deed so that the Lord's spirit will be with you and guide and direct you. You will be required to travel some in your district.  I admonish you to drive carefully and be sensitive to road conditions and speed limits.
You have the solemn responsibility to represent the Savior and myself as you interview good souls who have prepared for baptism.  Be mindful of this sacred responsibility and respectful and kind to those you interview.
Pray for the Lord's guidance and He will be with you and sustain your service.  Go forward with faith, and be prayerful and the Lord will watch over you.  Sister Bell and I extend to you our love and confidence.
May the Lord bless you always,

President Michael L. Bell

Monday, December 7, 2015


Hello Loved Ones!
Wow, so I definitely got a lot to tell you about this week.
I think I'll start off with the only bummer part of the week, cause
then my email will get progressively better. So, We haven't seen
Patton like all week cause he's been sick so his baptism is being
pushed back. Therefore, he wasn't at church this last week. Bummer...
But that's ok cause we'll just keep working with him, and we've got
lots of other people as well.
A super cool miracle that happened this week was meeting a girl named
Aubryanna. We were just walking down the street as she was walking
towards us down the street, and we stopped her and began to talk to
her. We had a good contact and got her information. Then we went by
the next day with a member and had a great lesson, then we had a
church tour with her the NEXT day with a different member and that
went really well. Then yesterday she went to church! This is the
fastest progression I've ever seen. Haha
And on top of that, it's a unique situation because this is the first
single woman investigator that I've had on my mission. And she's only
twenty years old...haha
Like I've taught women before but they've always been married and like
a part of a part member family or something. And we don't have sisters
here, so we can teach whoever we find. So this will be interesting but
I'm excited because she's way solid.
Even besides Aubryanna we saw a ton of miracles this week. Elder
Campbell is doing so good!
So here's some CRAZY news! Transfers is this Wednesday. So we found out
that Me and Elder Campbell are staying together in Great Bend. So I'm
super excited I get to finish his whole training. And secondly, our
district leader, Elder Lopez is getting transferred and President Bell
called me last night and told me that the Lord has called me to be the
new District Leader. I was definitely caught off guard. To be honest,
it has been hard to see myself as a leader ever since 8th grade when I
got kicked out of being Class President, for my grades and
I know the Lord qualifies who he calls and I'm excited to be able to
serve other missionaries in that capacity. But I also know that the
Lord doesn't just qualify you automatically just because of a calling.
We learn in D&C 4 that all it takes for a call from the Lord is a
desire to serve. But if we want to feel more qualified for the call,
we increase in our "Faith, hope, charity, and love, with an eye single
to the glory of God". I love you all and hope you have a great week!
#MerryChristmas #ASaviorIsBorn
- Elder McGee