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Monday, January 12, 2015

This week of my life...

Hello friends and family! :)
So, Transfers was this week so I have a new comp named Elder Stum and me and my massive polynesian pal were separated :(
Most of the streets of Topeka are pretty dang shady and criminal crap happens there all the time but it didn't even phase me walking down those streets cause i had this polynesian Goliath on my side...and the Lord too of course! haha
But that brings up something! So our ward boundaries cover a lot of area including this small town called Holton along with a couple other little towns nearby. So how it used to be was the Sister missionaries in our ward lived in Holton and me and elder pututau lived like 5 minutes from the church in Topeka. But they switched it as of last wednesday on transfer day when i picked up Elder Stum . So we live in Holton and the sisters live in Topeka. And Holton is about 40 minutes from Topeka. So me and Elder Stum are now in charge of teaching and finding everyone in Holton and teaching the single males in Topeka. So we travel a great deal. And on top of that both of the sisters are brand new to the area because they decided to white wash the sisters. So essentially I'm the only one who knew anything about this area so i had to fill people in and stuff. I have no idea why they would leave me to be the only missionary staying in the ward. It's like they trust me or something...
But anyways this past couple days has consisted of planning, meeting new people, organizing, and figuring out who teaches who. So this transfer should be an adventure. So yeah, don't send anything to my old address cause i moved but i'm still in the same ward and technically same area as well.  But yeah, love you all and have a marvelous week! :)
-Elder McGee

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