Elder Dylan McGee
Kansas Wichita Mission
7011 E. 13th St. North
Wichita, Kansas 67206-1219

Monday, May 30, 2016


Habari Familia na Marafiki! ("Hello Family and Friends" in Swahili)I hope everyone just had a glorious week! Our week was great! We met this awesome guy named Tevin whose working towards the 18th for baptism. Then our super solid investigator Lynda is getting baptized on the 11th. She loves the church, is killing it with quitting smoking, and is just basically a Dry Mormon. Super exciting! This is transfer week, but me and Elder Gunnell are staying together. He goes home with President Bell on the 30th of June though, which leaves 2 weeks left of the transfer when he goes so we'll see what happens. I'm going to miss Prez Bell a ton and am eternally grateful for him, but the Lord's work will still go forward. The past 21 months have meant the world to me. I don't see how I could ever forget this experience. Throughout it the Lord has changed me into someone I never thought I could become, and I never want to stop progressing. I love you all, and hope you have a marvelous week! Love, Elder McGeezy

This was taken my first flippin day in the mission field! Haha

Monday, May 23, 2016


Hola Everybody! This week was a good one. Met some cool people and saw some sweet miracles. We went on a couple of exchanges this week as well, which were cool. LeAnn is still going strong in the gospel and we are starting to find some people to teach through her and David which is cool. Something I have been thinking about lately is how important we all are to God, as the scriptures say, "the worth of souls is great in the sight of God" (D&C 18:10). Compared to his Almighty Omnipotence we are nothing, but to him we are everything. As I've grown to see more people through God's eyes and love them my love for God has grown as well. They go hand in hand, "If a man say, I love God, and hateth his brother, he is a liar: for he that loveth not his brother whom he hath seen, how can he love God whom he hath not seen?".  (1 John 4:20)I do love God and know that he is real, as well as that his hand is in our lives. When one applies this, their desire to share what is crucial to our salvation (the restored gospel) increases. So my invitation is to do just that, recognize the worth of every soul and love them and our God. Have a glorious week! -Elder McGee

Tuesday, May 17, 2016


Hello Familia y Amigos!We had a super cool week! I'll just start with the highlight, which was on Saturday. LeAnn and David's wedding was fetchin legit! It was so cool, so like to be completely honest we weren't planning on having a spectacular wedding or nothing it was going to be pretty simple. But without us having to really take the initiative much the Relief Society stepped in and went freakin hard on decorating the gym for the wedding. It made Bishop cry when he saw it, because he was so touched at how much effort they put into it and just like how much the Ward has taken them under their wing. Immediately following the ceremony was the reception in the gym and immediately following that was LeAnn's baptism. Such a cool day it was! David and LeAnn were very grateful and happy about it all. I've mentioned it before I think, but just to refresh ya'll there is like a ton of refugees from Africa in our area. And we started teaching these new African homie's this week who are super prepared! They will definitely be baptized! So I'm learning a little bit of Swahili, which is pretty sweet. HahaSo good stuff is happening in this part of the Lord's Vineyard. Being a Servant of the Lord means everything to me, and I sure love my mission. I hope ya'll have a stellar week of sharing the gospel! 
:) Love, Elder McGee

Tuesday, May 10, 2016


Hola! It was a great week in Paradise! We had a ton of meetings though. But that's ok, they were super revelatory and not an excuse to not get the Lord's work done. LeAnn and David's wedding is all set-up for this Saturday with LeAnn's Baptism immediately following. It will be a GOOD day. We also did an exchange with one of our District Leader's in the Zone this week and that was successful, we found some neat people together. We also had interviews with President Bell, an MLC Meeting, and Elder Gunnell and I did a Zone Training this week as well. Super jam-packed week. But it's good to stay busy. I hope everyone had a marvelous week and Mother's Day! It was good to talk to the Fam yesterday. Love ya'll! :)

Tuesday, May 3, 2016


Hey Loved Ones! So a ton of stuff happened this week! We've been doing a lot of preparation for this meeting on Wednesday called Mission Leadership Council but we still got stuff done. We worked super smart and effectively and I'm learning a ton about finding new investigators through members. So LeAnn (our investigator) and her fiancĂ©, David (returning Less Active), are getting married here at the church on the 14th! And right after the wedding she is getting baptized! Such good progression has been happening there! They were at church again on Sunday and David even bore his testimony. He also took the time to publicly invite the whole congregation to his wedding while up there. HahaBut yeah, we also started teaching some other cool people this week. We have a pretty missionary minded Ward which is super cool. Exciting things are happening all across the Zone! But I love you guys all, I know Jesus Christ is the Son of God, The Church is True, and the Book is Blue! :) Love, Elder McGee