Elder Dylan McGee
Kansas Wichita Mission
7011 E. 13th St. North
Wichita, Kansas 67206-1219

Monday, November 30, 2015


I sure hope everyone had an awesome Thanksgiving! I hope it was a time to truly reflect upon all the blessings God has bestowed upon you.My Thanksgiving was really good! The whole Thanksgiving weekend was really good actually, as far as getting fed goes. But the work was a little slow this week to be honest. Let's just say an Ice Age went across Kansas. Literally EVERYTHING is covered in like a 3 inch sheet of ice. I have had several near death experiences this week. Haha The roads are super slick and being an Arizona boy, driving on ice isn't exactly my specialty. As well as driving, even just walking down the street is practically a death trap. Elder Campbell has slipped multiple times and fell while out just trying to go Tracking. It cracked me up so much.Yesterday, like nobody came to church. Most of the members live in the out skirts town outside of Great Bend, so I guess nobody wanted to make the far drive and put their life on the line coming to church.But me and Elder Campbell ended up each giving a talk to like 10 people yesterday. Haha Patton is still looking really good. He will be baptized either this Saturday or the next. Super Awesome!I love you guys so much, thanks for all the support and prayers! I love my mission and all the ups and downs that go along with it. It's just molding the heck out of me. I love and trust the Lord and he is the Reason, and my Love for him is the Motive.-Elder McGee

Monday, November 23, 2015


Hey Amigos!This week was Fabuloso! We saw so many miracles in our missionary efforts!I am so proud of Elder Campbell, he is progressing remarkably. Thisweek we really focused on him being the one to invite people we talkto, to baptism. He was hecka nervous at the beginning of the week, butreally got the hang of it towards the end of the week.The most exciting event of the week, was easily yesterday. Patton cameto church! We have been trying to get him to church for the past twoor three weeks. We did everything we possibly could to make sure hewas there Sunday morning. And now he is still on date for Dec. 5th.He is so legit, he is like 21 and is a manager for a constructionbusiness and he is super chill. It's been so awesome to see him haveprogressed since we met him street contacting. He knows this isChrist's Church and he wants to be baptized. We relate really well andI definitely feel he is one of those who needed me to introduce therestored gospel to him.I am so grateful to be in Kansas, it's such a sick state! HahaBut I am even more grateful for my gospel knowledge and for this timeI have to be a representative of The Lord Jesus Christ. I am eternallygrateful for my family, friends, companions, and my mission. Most ofall I express my Love and Gratitude for a loving God, who sent his Sonto save us from physical and spiritual death, so that we may liveeternally with Him and our Loved Ones. Have a wonderful Thanksgivingeveryone! Love You!-Elder McGee

Monday, November 16, 2015


Hey, Family and Friends!I hope everyone is doing great! This past week the Lord was so good to us. Lots of ups and downs though. Definitely had some discouraging times this week, but a lot of awesome miracles as well. We gave a super spiritual church tour to our investigator named Patton, whose this 21 year old dude whose like super chill. He is so solid, but we keep having to push back his baptismal date because these pretty big time things keep happening that keep him from getting to church. Satan REALLY doesn't want him at church.Landon (the man we baptized this last week) was at church yesterday though! He's going to be such a solid member. He received the Aaronic Priesthood and a calling as the Secretary of the Young Men's organization yesterday as well. The Bishop wasted no time putting Landon to work and getting him integrated in the ward. Haha The Lord provided such a tender mercy last night though. Patton wasn't able to come to church yesterday because his brother got robbed on Saturday Night. I don't know if I've already mentioned before or not but Great Bend is kinda sketchy like that sometimes. But anyways he fell off of his date because of that, because you have to go to church twice before baptism in our mission. But it was Sunday night and we had no one on date to be baptized and we didn't want to end the week like that. We wanted to end the week having people who are progressing towards making a covenant. We were walking down this street and I recognized a house we had knocked on before and the lady said we could come back by. So we knocked on it and the husband answered the door and let us in. We taught a super powerful Restoration Lesson and Invited them to be baptized on December 5th. They accepted! It wassuch a miracle and tender mercy. I love my mission, this is just the coolest thing ever. Training these past couple transfers has been hecka hard at times but I've learned so much. Elder Campbell has so much excitement for the work! It's pretty sick. He's REALLY humble to,which is great. One thing that cracks me up is that there are not a lot of people I've met that are skinnier than me but Elder Campbell's one of them. We probably look like quite the pair with me weighing 140 pounds and him weighing 125 pounds and we are the same height. Haha Oh well. Love You Guys So Much! Have a lovely week:) I will send some Video'sand pics from last P-Day.- Elder McGee

Monday, November 9, 2015


Hello, Loved Ones!Such a great week here in GREAT BEND! Saw a ton of miracles and workedsuper hard!We found some awesome people to teach the restored gospel to. ElderCampbell is doing great in the training program.The best day of this past week was definitely Saturday. LANDON WAS BAPTIZED!It was such a great baptismal service. Super spiritual. He was so prepared to hear the gospel. Teaching him was a huge testimony building experience for me. I knew Angels had been preparing his heart for our message from the first time I met him. Even though ElderCampbell was only here for the tail end of Landon's conversion, I am so glad he was able to have an experience like that while in training. Being a missionary for the Lord Jesus Christ is the most fulfilling thing I've ever done. The Atonement of Our Savior has changed me. I'vethought a lot about how important it is that we learn to love to change and progress. That's what this life and eternal life are all about. I love you all and hope you have a marvelous week full of opportunities to share the gospel. But remember the admonition ofPaul, which changed everything for me " ...they which preach the gospel should live of the gospel." (1 Corinthians 9:14).Peace Out Amigos!-Elda McGeezy

Monday, November 2, 2015


Hello Everyone!Good Week here in Great Bend. My new son is Elder Campbell. He's a really good guy. This will be a good transfer, we had a really solid week. He is a very eager young man to say the least. Haha But it's good though, his "greenie fire" and excitement has pushed meto be better. He wants to learn and I like to teach, so it should work out quite well. But we saw a ton a miracles this week! Found some awesome new investigators! I have to tell the story of one of them. So like his first or second day out in the field we had like an hour until we had a set appointment. So I decided to use that time as a teaching opportunity and practice doing door approaches with Elder Campbell. I was telling him about how we should just begin teaching and testifying right off the bat at the doorstep and about how we should introduce ourselves and get their names before we start. I let him know he was going totake the lead on this next door. So we knock this door and this guy answers the door and Elder Campbell's brain just kinda goes blank about everything I just said I guess. But all he said is, "hi, can we come in." And in that moment I was thinking "Oh jeez, let's see howthis goes". But the man says, "Yeah, come on in." So that alone way caught me off guard but then we had a super powerful lesson about the restoration with him and his aunt, which are super normal, cool people. It was legit! Super humbling and testimony buildingexperience. But another thing is Landon came to church yesterday. Therefore, he'sbeen to church twice. Therefore, he is getting baptized THIS SATURDAY! So sick! He is so solid and will help out the Ward a ton. He'll definitely be a kingdom builder. I'm so grateful to have been a part of his conversion. But yeah, that's the jist of the week. Love you all and never stop learning, progressing, and changing! The Atonement is real! :)Have a great week!-Elder McGeezy

I got to see my mission daddy and my favorite dude ever, Elder
Pututau, on Wednesday. Let's just say we were super excited to see
each other... Haha

Me and two of my sons.