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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Just another week in Paradise:)

Wassup everyone!
I hope everyone is doing well! This week was definitely interesting! Me and my companion Elder Smart actually had a tour of a Catholic Church. An investigator that I think I've talked about before whose name is Allison wanted to take us on a tour of it. When she asked I wasn't sure if we were aloud so I looked at Elder Smart and he said sure, so apparently we are...
And don't worry she's already had a tour of our church! haha
But yeah, she kinda explained how there Sunday services go and different things they do in there and what was cool and what I think helped her a lot actually is I tried to point out as many similarities between our Sunday services and theirs cause she has been to our church a few times before. But ya, that was definitely an interesting little experience.
I've also already given 2 blessings to people since I've been out. Before I left I had done that anointing part for illness blessings but I had never given an actual blessing before. But yeah, one of them was to this guy Henry who is a recent convert and he was crazy sick one day! Henry is flipping awesome! He has some sweet stories from his past! haha
And the other blessing was to a sister missionary in my district who just wanted a blessing of comfort.
Like two days ago I made the mistake of letting an Elder in my district give me a haircut and it's pretty hideous so don't expect to see any super recent pictures of me for a little bit. haha
But how about General Conference! It was awesome! I loved the Saturday sessions! Which is funny because if I were back home I probably would've never saw those ones. This was actually my first time watching every single session of conference. haha But yeah, I loved it!
Well, the church is so undoubtedly true and I love you all!

                                                                -Elder McGee 

JuWassup everyone!

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