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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Coming to you LIVE from Kansas!

Greetings Everyone! :)
So this week a lot of change and news of change came my way. A Missionary Senior Couple arrived in our area this week. They are from Virginia and their names are Elder and Sister Arritt. They are pretty legit!  Also, on Wednesday is the end of a transfer and we found out me and Elder Smart are going to be separated :(
He is going to some town called Ulysses and I am staying here in Colby. I'm pretty bummed not even gunna lie. Elder Smart is so legit and he has taught me a lot! One of the Sisters in my district is going home on Wednesday as well. Her name is Sister Tapusoa and she is Polynesian or Samoan or something like that....Idk, I'm not very cultured. But anyways! I'm sad about that as well cause she freakin cracks me up! She is sooo funny! And the Elder who gave me a haircut (Elder Mejia) is leaving as well! So, I'm just gonna really miss the crew. It's amazing how much you get to know and bond with these missionaries you're around! I genuinely care about all of them. But me, Sister Pack, and Elder Jensen still get to be in the same district and we're all really tight! But my new companion is gunna be this dude named Elder Jones, who apparently was a marine before he came out. Sooo, we'll see how this one plays out... haha! Totally kidding though, I'm sure I'll learn a lot from him as well! :)
But yeah, all our investigators are doing good! We've got a few people on date to be baptized on November 9th so hopefully that works out! But yeah, I'm just loving teaching and preachin good news to all! Cause that's what the gospel is, good news! :)
Well, hope everyone is doing alright! :) PEACE OUT!
                                      -Elder McGee

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