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Monday, October 20, 2014

The past week of my life...‏

Why Hello Everyone! So this past week I got my new comp, Elder Jones. He's pretty sweet! He's really into health and fitness. There's actually surprisingly enough a cross fit gym here in Colby and he want's me to go with him to it and I'm like, "Nah, that ain't me.." so ya. haha
But this week was SUPER productive as far as missionary work goes. I think it's because we've been walking a lot more and using our car a lot less, actually. This way we've just been able to street contact a lot more. We've found a lot of investigators this way! I like street contacting a lot more than tracting. If you are unfamiliar with these terms tracting is more door-to-door and street contacting is more just walking up and down the streets and talking to people already outside of their house. It's super fun! I've seen so many miracles the past few days! So, our area covers more than just Colby, it covers a few small towns nearby as well such as Oakley, Seldon, Levant, and Quinter. I don't know if any of those mean anything to any of you...haha
But anyways the senior couple missionaries took us and the sisters to Quinter the other day to visit two less actives over there and to tract it out. So, we go there and we stop at the first less actives house and the sisters and the Arritts go inside and me and Elder Jones decide to just go tracting. So as we're tracting along this guy just walks out of his house and is like "Hey Elders!". So we walk over to him and we start walkin and talkin with him and he said he used to go to our church like 10 years ago when he was a kid and stuff. And what we do is we walk over to his girlfriends work to pick her up with him and then he asks us if we want to walk with them over to his parents house, so we do. And we're walkin and talkin with his girlfriend as well. Then we get to the house and meet his mom and after talking we realize that was the other less active family we were going to go see later on. So I just thought it was cool how they kinda found us, you know? And then like right after that we see these kids playing basketball on a court and we ask them if we can play with them and they're like sure, why not? So we do, and we get talkin to them we realize they are all in this Boy's Home that's right next door. And we share a little bit of church stuff with them and they thought it was cool and would like to hear more. So we talk to this lady inside and she say's that they're are service opportunities there if we would like. So we jumped on that! But yeah, that is just gunna be perfect! Like these are all good kids who just did something stupid and now they are in a low point in there lives. So they are all at a point where they need the gospel and they are willing to make a change in their lives. So ya, I just see legit miracles all the time and it's sooo sweet! Be on the lookout for little miracles and tender mercies from the Lord in your life! I promise if you are being obedient to God's commandments and you have faith that they'll happen, they will happen! Well, keep it real everyone!
                            LOVE, ELDER MCGEE:)
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