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Monday, October 27, 2014

Good Ole' Kansas

Hello Loved Ones :)This week was quite a week. I'm learning a lot from Elder Jones! He is very knowledgeable.  Elder Jones and I get along. He's definitely a lot different than Elder Smart, who I really liked. But hey, how boring would it be and how little would you grow if all your companions were the same!? hahaWe are definitely going to try and build up our teaching pool a lot this week!! Cause we have some good investigators, who will commit to things like coming to church and stuff but are hesitant to commit to baptism. We do have two people on date for baptism though. Sometimes I wish their was just this perfect investigator. hahaBut I just gotta push those kind of thoughts out of my mind. Everyone's got their struggles. Those impatient and selfish thoughts are the "natural man" inside of me! :(Something really cool that me and Elder Jones have been doing is taking a service approach with the people we meet. I now definitely have a testimony of how service softens the hearts of people. Then they are more receptive to the wonderful message about Jesus Christ that we have to share with them! :) But service is not a tactic or strategy to get people to listen to us but an attitude to have. Well, I don't have a ton of time today so I will see you all off, but I hope you are doing well!
                                                             Love, Elder McGee

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