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Monday, September 29, 2014

Another week in the life of a Kansas missionary

This week there was a few days where I'm not gonna lie it was kinda hard to not be a little discouraged. We just had a few disappointments. BUT, ain't nothin going to get me down! haha
But I am loving it out here in Colby, Kansas. It is just a treat! I really am loving the people here and the people in my little Branch! Yesterday was Fast and Testimony Meeting and it amazes how a little Branch can fill up the entire time during the meeting. There is never a time when someone's not bearing there testimony. It's so cool! And there testimonies are so powerful! My testimony grows stronger everyday that the church is true and I just LOVE this gospel!!!

      There's this one family that are recent converts. Well, it's this mom, four of her own kids from a previous abusive realationship, then she has an adopted kid, and like two foster kids. This lady (Karen) is like super mom, no joke! I just love their family even though it is freakin crazy their all the time!  One of the foster kids, who is going to be adopted is like this 11 yr. old boy named Tristan, who acts up a lot because he's already been through quite a bit. Karen doesn't think he's ready to be baptized, so he's the only one not baptized. But we really want to get him baptized! So we're trying to get Karen to see that being baptized and receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost will only help him. And I just see so much good in this kid, and I've really been talking to him and I've actually kinda broken through. And he knows so much about the gospel too! I don't know, I mean I really love all of the people we teach and genuinely want the best for them! It's nice change of pace from back home, cause not going to lie I thought about myself most of the time. I want you all to know I love you, and appreciate the part you played in my life :)

                                                            -Elder McGee
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