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Monday, November 3, 2014

This Week

So this week it was a little bit chillier than usual. So i'm just kinda trying to physically and emotionally prepare my self for the horrid winter everyone says is around the corner. hahaI am thoroughly enjoying myself, the work REALLY picked up this week! We found the coolest dude named Cody! He has been so prepared by Heavenly Father! We put him and his girlfriend who he's marrying this month on date for baptism. He's such a humble, good guy who wants to know more about God. I really admire his humbleness, humility is definitely one of the Christ like attributes I am working on. It was definitely a miracle and a blessing we were able to find him!And yesterday at church this new family moved into our branch that has like four young men in their family which is legit! We only had one young man in the branch, so this is awesome we can actually kind of have a young mens program! No young women though. hahaThere was just a lot of people at church yesterday! It was super cool to see, that our branch is growing! I've really grown to love our little branch here in Colby, Kansas hahaA lot of really great, humble people!I also found out that a member of the Seventy is coming to our mission in two weeks to speak to all of us, so that'll be cool! Apparently before i got here Elder Bednar came and spoke to the mission! How legit would that have been?? But I still got pretty much two years, so I'm crossing my fingers for like Elder Holland or something. hahaBut yeah that's all i got for today, but i hope everyone's doing good. And feel free to ask questions for next week:) Peace!-Elder McGee

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