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Monday, September 8, 2014

My first few days in the mission...

Hey Everybody! So today is my 6th day out in the field and it's been great! On the second day I met my knew companion for the next while, he's my trainer. His name is Elder Smart. The area I'll be serving in for the next while is the very small town of Colby, Kansas. I've already gone tracting quite a bit here so I've seen a good portion of the town. It's interesting there's times when we're strolling along and I'm looking at the houses thinking, "Wow, what a charming, small town this is with colorful houses, white picket fences, and a porch" and then there's other times when I'm looking around and I feel like I'm in an episode of "My Name is Earl" and if you've never seen that than I feel like I'm in an episode of "Honey Boo Boo". Haha But It's great though! The people are humble and kind! So my first two days were probably the most eventful so i'll just tell you about those. So my first day we woke up really early at the MTC and had a long day of traveling. But around 2:00 p.m. we land in Wichita airport. In the airport we found our mission president, his wife, and some Elders they brought along to pick us up. So we get our bags and they help us load them up into this horse trailor type deal which is hitched to the back of this white van. We drive to this park where the whole group takes a picture. Then they surprise us by telling us we're going to go proselyting for a little while. So this Elder whose been out for like 8 months or so, whose like this super stacked Polynesian dude named Elder Pututao claims me to go out with. This guy is HILARIOUS  by the way! But anyways me and him go proselyting in the straight up GHETTO. Like this neighborhood was the legit, real life ghetto. So we knock on a few doors and Elder Pututao is doing most the talking. But then we get to this house and he's like, "Ok this one's all you" So I do. And let's just say I did horribly. So we try another. And lets just say I did horribly. Anyways eventually it's time for us to head back to the van to meet up with the other missionaries. But on our way back Elder Pututao says "one more house" so we go up to this house and knock on this door and out comes this 22-23 year old dude with out a shirt on. I  take the lead in talking to him and this is just being super receptive and is telling us all about his life and I'm asking and saying all the right things and Pututao made a return appointment and it was awesome! So we briskly walk back to the van and on our way Pututao asks me, "So what was different that time?". And I realized it was because I was relying on the Spirit and listening for this guys needs as he talked. And before, I was being prideful and relying on my charisma and good looks, and while they were talking I wasn't really listening cause I was too busy thinking about what my next question would be or what my next move was. If you are familiar with the material and have faith, theres no need to pre-meditate what you say when you walk up to a door. The Spirit will put words in your mouth. So that was the first day story. Now for the second day story which isn't very spiritual but it's pretty cool. So the second day is when I met Elder Smart. So we were driving to Colby from Wichita it was quite a treat. Literally looking out the window of the car, on both sides, all there was to look at was fields and crops for HOURS! I couldn't believe it! But anyways we were following this other companionship there and it was sup windy that day, so they so they straight up went off the road, launched off this this grass hump, nose dived in the field, did a full flip, and landed on this farmers fence. And I saw the whole thing. It was so scary!. We stopped, ran out of the car and got them out of theirs. They are completely fine, it's amazing! I'll send pics, I took plenty! But yeah, that's all for now. Love you all!

                                                                 -Elder McGee

 The car crash...

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