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Monday, September 22, 2014

Hello Everyone!

Hello Everyone! I hope you are all just doing swell! This week I had the opportunity to go on exchanges. So basically I went with a different missionary in a different area and my companion went with his companion in our area. So, I went to Garden City, Kansas and was with an Elder named Elder Brown who is freaking legit because he's Australian and has a sweet accent. But anyways there's way more members in Garden City than in Colby. They actually have a ward not a Branch. But anyways what was cool is that we took this 17 yr. old priest out with us to a couple appointments Elder Brown had set up.  And it was the weirdest feeling. Cause like in my Branch we don't have any priest age kids to take out with us. So, I mean we had taken members out with us to appointments but never a priest. And it was so cool doing that! Cause it was not that long ago that I was in that kids shoes, In the back of the missionaries car, going out with them, getting a glimpse of missionary work. And it was weird to be in that same situation but as the missionary. So yeah, time flies! Another cool experience I had was with this very recent convert named Diane. She is like 45ish but has DEFINITELY gone through some hard stuff. She is like the sweetest lady ever though and she LOVES me, my companion, and the pair of sister missionaries in our Branch as well. Anyways she was talking to the sister missionaries one day about some trials in her life right now. And one of the sisters I had told that I play the ukulele and like to sing. So, this sister goes on to tell Diane that I would write her a song. haha
(oh, and I guess I forgot to mention my companion has a ukulele coincidentally enough, so I've been jamming on his on P-Days and stuff) So anyways, Sister Pack tells me she volunteered me to do this, and I said I would so I did. So when we all went over to her house I played and sung it for her and Diane started balling she loved it so much. And I felt so shocked but good inside, that it was me that made her cry. God knows our gifts, our talents, our skills and if we use them for good like building up his kingdom, bringing others up, or service than he will bless us tremendously and we'll even get better at what we do.
But yeah, missionary work is the bomb and I love it! I finally get what people meant when they told me " My mission was the hardest and funnest two years of my life". When my leaders and such told me that I didn't really believe how something could be both to be honest. haha
But now I get it for sure! One day in our apartment, I was sitting down contemplating after an appointment. I was contemplating why people that I had only met once or twice before are so willing to just tell us their whole life story and all their struggles. And it's not like this just happened once! This happens all the time, where people just lay it all on us and I was just wondering why these people trusted us like that. So I finally said that to Elder Smart (my companion) and he asked me, " what name is written on your name tag besides your own?" and I said "Jesus Christ". And he went on to tell me that we are truly representatives of Jesus Christ, we are acting in his name when these people are talking to us about their problems it's almost like they are pouring their soul out to Jesus Christ. And that hit me pretty hard obviously. I am so glad I get to put this name tag on everyday! And I am so grateful for all of you! And I love you all and hope you are doing well! :)

                                                                          -Elder McGee

They like me so much in Kansas they decided to name a street after me...nbd.

This is right next to my apartment. Welcome to Kansas.... haha

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