Elder Dylan McGee
Kansas Wichita Mission
7011 E. 13th St. North
Wichita, Kansas 67206-1219

Sunday, December 20, 2015


Hey Loved Ones! Super good, yet crazy week...So, if you don't know already, I fell down a flight of stairs thisweek. In the process, I hit my elbow pretty hard and turns out I havea fractured elbow. Humiliating, I know. If you are wondering how analmost 20 year old manages to fall down stairs, I don't know. But ithappened. HahaBut I did realize just how much I love my mission this week. Thisexperience and opportunity means the world to me.Enough about that though. So, our two most solid people we're workingwith came to church yesterday!! Aubryanna and Bobby. Both of them aresuper solid! In Fact, yesterday was Aubryanna's second time at churchand we're planning on having her baptismal service THIS SATURDAY.Super stoked for that. Then Bobby was a member Refferal and she isawesome. She is on date for baptism on Christmas Eve actually.So yeah, we got some really good things happening in ourcompanionship. My newly given responsibility definitely isn't easywith my elbow, but it's time to use the enabling power of theAtonement more than I ever have before. I love you all so much andhope you have a great week.-Elder McGee

I congratulate you on your new calling as a District Leader.  This calling has been extended to you because you have distinguished yourself as a trustworthy, obedient and capable missionary.

You have the responsibility to be an example and teacher for the missionaries in your District.  Be an emissary of the Savior in word and deed so that the Lord's spirit will be with you and guide and direct you. You will be required to travel some in your district.  I admonish you to drive carefully and be sensitive to road conditions and speed limits.
You have the solemn responsibility to represent the Savior and myself as you interview good souls who have prepared for baptism.  Be mindful of this sacred responsibility and respectful and kind to those you interview.
Pray for the Lord's guidance and He will be with you and sustain your service.  Go forward with faith, and be prayerful and the Lord will watch over you.  Sister Bell and I extend to you our love and confidence.
May the Lord bless you always,

President Michael L. Bell

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