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Kansas Wichita Mission
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Wichita, Kansas 67206-1219

Monday, November 2, 2015


Hello Everyone!Good Week here in Great Bend. My new son is Elder Campbell. He's a really good guy. This will be a good transfer, we had a really solid week. He is a very eager young man to say the least. Haha But it's good though, his "greenie fire" and excitement has pushed meto be better. He wants to learn and I like to teach, so it should work out quite well. But we saw a ton a miracles this week! Found some awesome new investigators! I have to tell the story of one of them. So like his first or second day out in the field we had like an hour until we had a set appointment. So I decided to use that time as a teaching opportunity and practice doing door approaches with Elder Campbell. I was telling him about how we should just begin teaching and testifying right off the bat at the doorstep and about how we should introduce ourselves and get their names before we start. I let him know he was going totake the lead on this next door. So we knock this door and this guy answers the door and Elder Campbell's brain just kinda goes blank about everything I just said I guess. But all he said is, "hi, can we come in." And in that moment I was thinking "Oh jeez, let's see howthis goes". But the man says, "Yeah, come on in." So that alone way caught me off guard but then we had a super powerful lesson about the restoration with him and his aunt, which are super normal, cool people. It was legit! Super humbling and testimony buildingexperience. But another thing is Landon came to church yesterday. Therefore, he'sbeen to church twice. Therefore, he is getting baptized THIS SATURDAY! So sick! He is so solid and will help out the Ward a ton. He'll definitely be a kingdom builder. I'm so grateful to have been a part of his conversion. But yeah, that's the jist of the week. Love you all and never stop learning, progressing, and changing! The Atonement is real! :)Have a great week!-Elder McGeezy

I got to see my mission daddy and my favorite dude ever, Elder
Pututau, on Wednesday. Let's just say we were super excited to see
each other... Haha

Me and two of my sons.

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