Elder Dylan McGee
Kansas Wichita Mission
7011 E. 13th St. North
Wichita, Kansas 67206-1219

Monday, November 23, 2015


Hey Amigos!This week was Fabuloso! We saw so many miracles in our missionary efforts!I am so proud of Elder Campbell, he is progressing remarkably. Thisweek we really focused on him being the one to invite people we talkto, to baptism. He was hecka nervous at the beginning of the week, butreally got the hang of it towards the end of the week.The most exciting event of the week, was easily yesterday. Patton cameto church! We have been trying to get him to church for the past twoor three weeks. We did everything we possibly could to make sure hewas there Sunday morning. And now he is still on date for Dec. 5th.He is so legit, he is like 21 and is a manager for a constructionbusiness and he is super chill. It's been so awesome to see him haveprogressed since we met him street contacting. He knows this isChrist's Church and he wants to be baptized. We relate really well andI definitely feel he is one of those who needed me to introduce therestored gospel to him.I am so grateful to be in Kansas, it's such a sick state! HahaBut I am even more grateful for my gospel knowledge and for this timeI have to be a representative of The Lord Jesus Christ. I am eternallygrateful for my family, friends, companions, and my mission. Most ofall I express my Love and Gratitude for a loving God, who sent his Sonto save us from physical and spiritual death, so that we may liveeternally with Him and our Loved Ones. Have a wonderful Thanksgivingeveryone! Love You!-Elder McGee

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