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Monday, November 17, 2014

This week in Topeka

Hey Peeps! :) This week was freezing! Me and Elder Pututau share a car with these other Elders so we get it every other week. This week we didn't have it...so walking in that weather was extremely cold! But ya, Elder Pututau has only been in this area two weeks longer than me so we're both pretty new to it. And the the investigators the other missionaries left for us were not the most committal people. So we've been working on just building up a pretty much whole new teaching pool. Which is rough. But we're trying to do so as effectively as possible. So we're trying to find through member referrals a lot. We're also visiting less actives cause our mission President wants us to make reactivating less active members more of a priority. But ya, it's going good. Me and Elder Pututau are having a blast! I need to get better at basketball though. Cause every week we play with bishop and some non-members we're trying to get to church and stuff. And anyways I am a horrible basketball player so ya...but hopefully I'm a baller by the time I get back. haha So, a quick funny story for ya. So our heater broke earlier this week in our apartment so we called the maintenance guy and he came over the next day to fix it. So he's over fixing the heater and we leave for the day while he's still fixing it, and we forgot to bring our house key. So when this guy leaves, he locks the door behind him. When we get home later that night and try to open our apartment we came to the sad realization we were locked out in freezing cold. So Elder Pututau being the heroic, beastly, polynesian guy he is instinctively decides to bust the door open! And he does it with one kick. It was the most legit thing I've ever seen. But it broke the door a little bit so we fixed it the next day. No one will ever have to know! ;) haha Well keep it real everybody! Love you!

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