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Monday, October 5, 2015

Great Bend Week #3

Hello Loved Ones!
Another Marvelous Week! At times it was kind of a slower week to be
honest, but it definitely had some sick highlights! We had a zone
conference on Tuesday which was very spiritually uplifting and
edifying. Prez Bell is a spiritual giant who I look up to a lot and
want to be like. And then obviously General Conference was this
weekend which was hecka good! I wish more investigators would have
came. We literally did everything we possibly could have to get people
there but sometimes it just doesn't happen. Freakin agency...
At the priesthood session one member brought a nonmember friend and we
jumped on that opportunity. We gave him a Book of Mormon and got his
contact information and address. He was a cool guy and we have an
appointment this week to see him. We also met this awesome couple
named, Michael and Amanda this week who we set on date for October
24th. They are really cool and we are meeting up with them today. Good
things are happening here in Great Bend.
General Conference was a huge eye opener for a lot of things for me. I
received some mad personal revelation. I loved the talk that
referenced one of my favorite scriptures. It's found in Isaiah 64 and
talks about how we're the clay and God is the Potter.
The main message I got from Conference was this: Trust God. Really
trust him. That's something I need to do more of. As I've become a
more seasoned missionary I've started trusting in my own abilities and
capabilities more and more. But there is no way I could ever be
successful doing this work on my own, I need God. It's his work.
Doing the Lord's work makes me happy. And I love to be happy. And if
you think about it, God has to be the happiest being in the whole
universe. Wow. God is the happiest being in the universe and his WHOLE
WORK and his WHOLE GLORY is to bring to pass the immortality and
eternal life of man. I testify that happiness is another word for
selflessness. And you and I will find the most happiness from aligning
our will with the Fathers.
Well, that's my deep thought of the day...haha
Have a great week, and be happy!
Love, Elder McGeezy

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