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Monday, September 21, 2015

Great Bend!!

Hello Loved Ones,Good Week, I have been in Great Bend since Wednesday. Great Bendbrings back memories from my first area, Colby. Colby was a small townand so is Great Bend. It's way cool being here, and kind of refreshingtoo, because I've been in city for so long (like Topeka and Wichita).There is A LOT of work to be done here. But the people are hecka nicehere so I'm excited to just go way hard!The members here are very down to earth, which I like. It is a ward,but a pretty small one. The ward boundaries are huge. We cover notonly Great Bend, but multiple surrounding small towns. Which is howthe Colby Branch boundaries were.It is us, and one other set of elders in the ward. We are with theother set a good amount of time. I guess it's a joke here that thisarea is a quadpanionship. My comp, Elder Melville, doesn't know tomuch about the area still, so this should be fun. He cracks me up. Heis very shy and timid, but very optimistic! He's a good kid, he lovesStar Wars and Lord of the Rings and stuff like that. I have thefunniest video that I'll send with this. HahaBut ya, that's about all I got. I'm excited to do some good work here!Love,Elda McGeezy

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