Elder Dylan McGee
Kansas Wichita Mission
7011 E. 13th St. North
Wichita, Kansas 67206-1219

Monday, September 14, 2015


Hey Everyone! Went hecka hard this week! Had some amazingly spirituallessons! And I am so glad we did because today we found out somebittersweet news. I am going to be transferred on Wednesday to GreatBend, Kansas to finish up the second half of some other missionariestraining program. So crazy. After 6 months here in the Auburn HillsWard, I am leaving. It has been quite the roller coaster of an areabut has been a time of such tremendous growth!When I found out I was getting transferred here, I asked lots ofmissionaries what the Auburn Hills Ward was like. Every singleresponse was similar. It's an affluent area. It's super hard to findthere. The members don't like doing missionary work. And so on and soon. So that's the attitude I came to this area with. When I first camehere with Elder Potter we really, really struggled and were heckadiscouraged at times. But we worked hard and prayed hard. And one daywe found a man named Bill. We started working with and teaching hiswhole family. Pretty soon after that we started working with a memberlady who hadn't been to church in a while and had grandchildren livingwith her who weren't members. Then Elder Potter left. But me and mynext comp baptized the grandchildren of the lady and helped reactivateher. And me and my next comp after that baptized Bill's wife, Claudia.Now after hard hard work we have a good size teaching pool, consistingof two people (Barb and Donovan) who were member referrals and aregetting baptized this week. And Bill is getting baptized the secondweek of October, he is committed to it and he picked the date out forhimself. I did this recap of my time here as well as tell you all theexciting things that are to come in this area not to gratify my prideor brag but to make a point or two. I had an epiphany and I'verealized that missionaries probably don't get to see the fruits of atleast 70-75% of their labors. But that's OK! Because people are stillcoming into the waters of baptism! It really doesn't matter who getsto be in the baptism picture or whatever. HahaThere's no doubt in my mind I was supposed to be here. Me and thecompanions I've had while here have changed the whole Spirit of thisonce unsuccessful area. I know there is more people waiting for me,even in the middle of nowhere Great Bend. HahaI love you guys, I love my companions, I love all those I've taught, Ilove all those who have taught me, I love Kansas, I love God, I loveeverything! Well, not everything... I love lots of things. Have agreat week, and I'll email my new address next week.- Elder McGee

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