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Kansas Wichita Mission
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Wichita, Kansas 67206-1219

Tuesday, September 8, 2015


Hey Everyone! This was a good week! 
Bill isn't on date for the 12th anymore because he's still doing this E-Cig thing, that he's not even putting nicotine in anymore it's just water vapor but Prez says he would have to be off it for 2 weeks before baptism. He just needs time. There's no doubt he'll eventually be baptized. This week we had dinner with a member family who had some nonmember referrals for us over for dinner as well. It's a seventeen year old boy named Donovan and his grandma named Barbara, who he lives with. After dinner we taught lesson one. It made so much sense to them, they loved it, and they committed to work towards a baptismal date of the 19th of September. They were so prepared to receive the restored gospel, it was awesome. Donovan is friends with the boy his age in the member family and has even gone to early morning seminary a couple times with him! So cool! I'm so happy the Lord trusted us to be able to have received this referral and teach these wonderful people. We were biking around one day this week around 7:30pm or so and as we rode by the park we saw a bunch of high school kids hanging out there and I thought it'd be funny to go talk to them. So we do, and surprisingly they all like gather around us and are like asking us questions and listening to what we say. It was kinda neat. We probably handed out like 4 or 5 Book of Mormons and like 10 pamphlets. But yeah, the rest of the week was normal missionary stuff. Pretty Sweet, pretty sweet. Well, have a fabulous week you guys! Love ya!- Elder McGeezy

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