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Monday, August 24, 2015

Good Things Happening!!

Hello Loved Ones!This was a good week. We were able to meet and find some awesome newpeople. Some good things are definitely happening in our area. Thiscoming week we have 2 different appointments at members houses withnonmembers THEY referred us to. And we'll be teaching them adiscussion. How sick is that!?! The member work is slowly starting totake effect and it's awesome! Of course we still find through our ownefforts QUITE A BIT. Which is good, cause nothing gets members moreexcited about missionary work than seeing baptisms happen in THEIRward, because THEIR missionaries are out working hard. It causes themto trust in you!Elder Coles is doing good and is learning and progressing. I'm wayproud of him! On the 20th (which was my official year mark) We didn'thave a dinner appointment so I convinced him to take me out to TexasRoadhouse in honor of the special occasion. HahahaBill's baptism is getting postponed to the 12th of September. I knowhe will get baptized on that date. Claudia is doing super well by theway! They both come to church every week and are active and involvedand it's so great to see. I can't express with enough conviction howmuch I love my Savior and my mission. I have changed so much, but forthe better. I think the most important or at least the firstChrist-Like attribute to develop is humility. Humility is so key. Wecan't develop any other Christlike attribute or change for the betterif we aren't humble. As we become more humble we become as "clay" asthe prophet Isaiah says. In Isaiah chapter 64 verse 8 he says, "OLord, thou art our father; we are the clay, and thou our potter; andwe all are the work of thy hand." I want to always be clay in HeavenlyFathers hands. I want to be who the Lord wants me to be and I want toreach my fullest potential and not hold anything back, not on mymission, not in my life. Keep being awesome missionaries by firstliving the gospel and then by sharing it. Remember, Christ's Churchhas always been a missionary church! Preach da Word!Love you guys! Have a great week. :)-Elder McGeezy

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