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Monday, August 17, 2015

Aug 10

Hello Family & Friends!
This week was crazy! We talked to so many people, it was insane! It feels so good to go hard like that. And more than that, it feels so good to bring people to Jesus Christ and his church. This last Wednesday is when my greenie (Elder Coles) came in. He's a really cool guy, right outta high school.  Being a trainer has been a huge motivator for me. He's got this thing I call "Greenie Fire" which is just this awesome desire to learn and go out and work hard. I hope I was able to help him have a good first week of his mission. We gave this guy named Tim a church tour this week. I love those so much! They feel the Spirit that's in the building and right by the baptismal font is the perfect place to invite someone to come unto Christ through baptism. Bill is working towards baptism on the 29th of August. The last time me and Elder Loumeau went over to Bill's before transfers he told us that he had heard word the previous day that his mother had been diagnosed with some condition or disease that the doctors only gave her about 6 months to live. The news messed him up pretty good but he told us the first thing he thought of when he got the news was that she needs to be baptized by priesthood authority. That alone shocked both me and Elder Loumeau. But then he asked us if Claudia could be baptized for his mom after she died (P.S. We had talked about temples and baptisms for the dead in the past, so they knew the basics of the doctrine). And that was an incredible opportunity to testify of temples and baptisms for the the dead and explain more about the Spirit World. They are so amazing! Being a missionary is too legit to quit. I hope I can be a good trainer for Elder Coles. There were a couple times this week where I felt kind of inadequate or under qualified to train a new missionary. And honestly, I probably am. HahaBut I've gained a testimony over the past year that the Lord qualifies who he calls, our capacities can be stretched only through and because of the Atonement, and as we pray like it all depends on God and work like it all depends on us the Lord provides miracles. I know that "...with God, All things are Possible" Mark 10:27. I love you all so much and hope you have a great week! SHNITZEL. Love, Elda McGeezy 

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