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Monday, July 13, 2015


Hellooooo Errbody!
 This week was pretty sweet! We had Bill and his Fam come to church and two less active members we been working with come to church as well. Super awesome! Getting people to church, is absolutely KEY to their progression for many reasons. But we had a SICK miracle this week that started off as a tragedy. It's regarding Bill and his Word of Wisdom struggles. So we had this lesson planned on Thursday night with Bill and Claudia but we were going to do it at the church building this time instead of their house, mostly because we wanted to show them the baptismal font. Cause they've been to church twice before but haven't seen the font yet so we thought we'd have a lesson at the church and show them the font. So anyways, Thursday morning we call Claudia to see if it's still good and she's like, "Well, I'll have to get back to you boys cause I'm actually going to the hospital right now to meet Bill cause he left work cause he was in a lot of pain". So we were worried about him. So after we get off the phone we say a prayer for Bill and go on with our day. Later on Claudia calls us and tells us that she'll still come to the lesson at the church tonight, but she'll be by herself. Well, at the church we had an awesome, and spiritual experience with Claudia. And she told us that Bill was fine but that he was passing a kidney stone. She also told us that the doctor told him that he had to stop drinking coffee and alcohol altogether. And she said when the doc said that, that Bill immediately looked at Her and thought of us and that he took it as a sign. WHOA! So that was crazy. I have really thought about why God did that for him. Cause we kept telling Bill that he wasn't going to receive a spiritual witness that the Word of Wisdom is from God, truly modern revelation, until he took a step into the dark in faith and started to live it and then he would see the blessings and get his witness. Because he has a testimony, I know he does. But he was pretty stubborn about the word of wisdom. But anyways, I thought of Jonah in the Old Testament and how it took being swallowed by a big fish for his will to be aligned with God's will and to go to the city and preach. God won't ever take away our agency but he's definitely down to give us a big push if that's what it takes. I'm really excited for all the blessings God has in store for Bill and his family. I really have grown to love them. I love all you guys so much too, and hope you have a great week! - Elder McGee

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