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Monday, April 27, 2015

To my love ones...

So this week was similar to last week in a lot of aspects. Not a lot of the people followed through with the appointments we had made with them. Not even going to lie I actually got quite discouraged. hahaWe hadn't had any one on date to be baptized since I got to Wichita two or three weeks ago. And I wanted to blame this area so, so bad! But I knew better and that their are lots of people in my area who are prepared and ready to hear the unique and Christ-Centered message that we share.So anyways, I promise I'm getting to the happy part! hahaSo after a long week of not to much to show for again besides a few potential investigators. On Sunday (Yesterday), the Lord provided us with 4 new solid investigators and we were able to put 2 teens from a part-member family on date to be baptized on May 16th! These miracles from Heavenly Father are definitely answers to a lot of prayers of me and Elda Potter. Super cool! Mark 10:27 "...For with God, all things are possible."Definitely know that to be true!
I love you all, and hope you have an amazing week! :)

Last P-Day we went deep into the woods with some Elders and made a fort...so that's pretty neat.

Good Ole' Kansas!

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