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Thursday, April 2, 2015

A dream is a wish your heart makes...

I hope everyone sung the subject line! :)
But this week was super, ultra, mega awesome! So many miracles this week! I know I say that a lot but we really did I promise! hahaThere's so many people who are going to be baptized in our area in the coming weeks!!!!! So exciting! :)Buuuuuut....I won't see them come to pass. BECAUSE, We got sent the transfers today and I am leaving. I am getting transfered to Wichita! It'll be super cool though I'm excited!But although this whole week was super cool the best parts were on Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday was Kim's baptism. Being the one to baptize Kim was a super spiritual experience although I had to do it twice because the first time her foot came up :/ hahaOn Sunday it was super cool as well because of many reasons. First, because Kim got confirmed in Sacrament Meeting. But Secondly because it was Fast and Testimony Meeting and Bobby Jean came to church for the first time. (Bobby Jean is our Black Lady investigator who is not shy at all and sure loves the Lord! haha) But yeah, before church we explained to her how this meeting was going to be different than regular and that we do this once a month and everything like that. And then during the service after like the second person sat down after bearing their testimony Bobby Jean gets up to the pulpit and bears her testimony of the Savior and states over the pulpit how she's decided to get baptized. There was a few "Hallelujah's" and "Praise the Lord's" not even gunna lie! So funny! But so cool at the same time! I hope everyone enjoys General Conference! Keep it Real and Love, Elder McGeezy! :)

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