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Tuesday, August 2, 2016


Hello Everyone! So I am sorry I didn't send a weekly email last week. I was busy/forgetful last Monday. But I will attempt to write a decent email to ya'll this week. So, An update on Eric is that he came to church last week and loved it. Yesterday he couldn't come because he was sick but he is going to come again this coming week, so he is progressing well. Then since last time I emailed we started teaching this super elect lady named Katrina who was also at church last week. She is on date for baptism on the 13th of August. She is way cool! So yeah, a lot of good stuff is happening. I don't know if I have mentioned this before but this transfer one of the Elders I trained back when I was in Great Bend came to the zone. It's Elder Campbell if you remember him. He has been out like 9 months or so now which is crazy! But anyways he is companions with one of the District Leaders in the zone and we do exchanges with all the District Leader companionships, so I got to go on an exchange with my boy this last week! It was super cool to see how much he has grown. But yeah, life is good. I have been reflecting on all the many lessons I have learned throughout my mission and it just like overwhelms me with gratitude. I am eternally grateful for the last two years of my life. Being apart of this work, which is so much bigger than myself, has brought me more fulfillment and happiness than anything else has. In Moses 7 the Lord is speaking about the hastening of the work of salvation in the latter-days and he says, "...righteousness and truth will I cause to sweep the earth as with a flood, to gather out mine elect from the four quarters of the earth". To me this testifies that the Lords work WILL SUCCEED! This is prophesied success we just read. So this just says to me, do I want to be apart of it? Or do I want to watch idly by while this great work moves forward? Like I said, being apart of something so much bigger than yourself is fulfilling. Invite! That is all the Lord asks of us. I love you all and hope you have a great week. :) Love, Elder McGeezy

So, I don't know that I've mentioned this before but on my mission I have developed a talent for cutting hair. It all started around my 10 month mark or so when I got transferred to an area where a missionary purposely left behind some hair clippers that I adopted as my own. I began practicing on my companion, and then myself, and then my district members, and then zone members, and even some less actives and investigators. So, anyways now that I'm like pro, last night I took the challenge of cutting this African woman's hair who is an investigator of ours. It was awesome! Haha

You'll all hopefully enjoy this little musical number we composed...

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