Elder Dylan McGee
Kansas Wichita Mission
7011 E. 13th St. North
Wichita, Kansas 67206-1219

Monday, July 18, 2016


Hello Everyone,We had a good week full of Milagros! We went hard finding people to progress towards baptism this week. We found some way cool people, a couple of them are named Eric which is kinda funny. But one of the Eric's we gave a tour of the church to on Saturday, so that was awesome. On Tuesday a bunch of new missionaries came in and they always have about a 2-3 hour block where they have the missionaries in close proximity take out these missionaries to work for a little while. So we got to do that, we each took one and worked super hard. It was great, it reminded me of being a trainer. I loved the times when I was training, I think the most growth in myself came during those times. But yeah, good things are happening and although time is short  I know there are many more pivot points for me to have and miracles for me to see. I love my mission and the Savior with all my heart and I know baptism is an essential ordinance for salvation and a beautiful representation of New Life through the Atonement of Christ. I hope everyone has a great week! 
Love, Elder McGee

Went to this cool Soda Restaurant called Fizz.

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