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Monday, May 11, 2015

A Week in My Life

Hello Everyone! I hope all the women had a fabulous Mother's Day, where all there dreams came true. It was super, mega, ultra, totally awesome to skype with the fam! That made my week! I love my family so much! But this week was good! The two girls we have on-date to be baptized came to church yesterday! So that was way cool! They were like 5 or 10 minutes late, so we were all bummed they weren't gunna show up but when they walked in the chapel we were SO happy! I've actually had a lot of good BBQ, finally here in Kansas, since I've been in Wichita. We have a cool guy named Bill, along with his family that we're teaching. They are super cool, but they didn't come to church... :( But they have a daughter who graduated high school this weekend so I think they probably were either out late or have family in town. Something funny that happened the other night is that...Well like a few days ago we were walking down the street and started talking to this couple outside on their driveway and they seemed interested although we didn't really teach much. But they were gunna head out in a few minutes so they said we could stop by another time. So then, just the other night, it was like 8:00 pm and we didn't have any appointments or nothing. And we both thought of this couple. So went went by there and knocked on the door and the mom answered and was like, " Oh, Hey Guys! We're actually having family game night right now but you can come on in!'. So, we didn't argue and we went on in and they insisted we joined them in a game of dominoes. So, we didn't argue and we played a game of dominoes. And it was super fun cause they've got like 4 kids and we were all just jokin' around right away and they were just treatin' us like family or something. It was hilarious and awesome all at the same time! But the really cool part is that the dad brought up that he had read the pamphlet we had left the first time.So just throughout casual conversation throughout the game we were able to teach pretty much the whole Message of the Restoration while playing dominoes. We were there for kind of a while but they gladly accepted Book of Mormon's and insisted we come back again as we were leaving. They love the Lord and I'm super excited about continuing to teach them. But, hey! I love you all and hope you have a most marvelous week! :) 
-Elda McGeezy

OH! I don't know how I forgot but there were some Tornadoes really close to where I'm at this past week as well. Like to a point where the sirens went off and we had to go in the basement of a close-by members house. Here's a pic that another member got. Purty Sweet!

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