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Monday, March 2, 2015

Wuzz Up!

So this week was good and bad. We found a bunch of new investigators, BUT no one is on date to be baptized... :(But hopefully at our return appointments this week we will have people ready to set a date to progress spiritually towards baptism. The sisters in our ward have had  baptisms the past two weeks in a row so they are just killing it, which was super sick! I love the feeling, so all i want to do is help homies get baptized every weekend. But obviously you can't force anybody to do anything. haha It's got to be there choice and they have to be ready. But ya, hopefully next week is a lot better work wise.For this week I was actually asked to just say which food from home I miss the most...hahaBesides my mothers most marvelous cooking, of course! ;)Believe it or not there's no Jack in the Boxes here in Kansas. Not even one, in the whole state. I really miss my Jack in the Box tacos. I'm debating whether or not I want it to be my first meal when I get home. Not to sound trunky! ahahaBut I love all you guys and hope everyone has a Fabulous week! :) 

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